A Alaamah activities which are
 indispensable for economic 
entities of industry, trade
 and services and other economic
 activities as well as for
Institutions and non-profit
 charitable organizations

E Marketing

Marketing across all electronic
 devices, whether TV or radio
 Or or Mobile Internet


Graphic art process that combines
 speech and graphics and communication
 to connect
Effective message of determination
 whether Lugo or Borcor or newspaper
Or posters and signs of a private

Photography Professional

Aalhtravy imaging products raise 
the profile of the product to show
The good aspects of it, to attract
 the attention of the client's 
product and exciting
Desire has Alguetnaih or identify
 it and achieve the goal of the product


Electronic pages can be browsed 
using the computer or Mobile
Contain text, images, or materials
 Samabesrah fixed and mobile
Such as videos or songs which serves
 as an archive of the company or

movies Documentary

Run movies, narrative and historical
 content of the stages of enterpris
e growth
The company or whether it's a 
particular topic or overall activity

mobile application

Computer programs designed to
 work on smartphones can be downloaded
From the online store for free
 or paid and publish any updates
 to the sites
Affiliate to allow a wider spread to
 achieve the purpose of marketing manner